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Sofas and Recliners

We carry a huge range of sofas and recliners! We stock many different frames in a range of feather soft, firm foam and regular foam. While we do sell our sets off the showroom floor, you also have the option to customise most of our sofas with hundreds of choices in fabric or leather to find the right fit for your space. There are also many different sizes and configurations to explore so come in today and we will help you find a sofa, sectional or chair that works for you. 

Canadian-made seating


  • Made to Order

  • Leather and Fabric

  • Sectionals

  • Sofa-beds

  • Power Recliners


Stocked in Vancouver


  • A vast range of styles and 


BC-made seating


  • Made to Order

  • Hundreds of fabric options

  • Foam or feather-soft cushions

  • Sofa-beds

Mako - Acer Collection_edited_edited_edi

Stocked in Vancouver


Modern cosy

Fabric options

Storage beds 

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